Bulk Monitoring is Now an Easy Feat

If you are monitoring (or planning to monitor) tens, hundreds or thousands of websites and servers, we have good news for you!

We had completed an extensive upgrade to our control panel to support bulk operations. Under “Monitoring” menu in your control panel, you can find the following new items:

  1. Bulk Add Test – add multiple websites and servers in one go.
  2. Bulk Actions – deactivate/activate/reset/remove/change interval of all selected tests.


Bulk Add Test

Under Monitoring -> Bulk Add Test, you can find a flexible tool that lets you add multiple websites and servers with ease. Simply select the parameters you will supply (eg. URL, Name, Interval, Notes), and enter your input according to the required syntax.

Let’s try adding 5 websites…


Here is the result.


Bulk Actions on All Tests

Being able to add tests easily is just part of the equation. You need to be able to manage the tests easily. Commonly performed actions are deactivate, activate, reset, remove and change interval. All these can now be performed in bulk, easily.

The following shows what you can achieve with Monitoring -> Bulk Actions.


Bulk Actions on Selected Tests

What if you only want to perform an action on selected tests? No sweat! Just select the desired tests and choose the appropriate action to apply on.


Happy monitoring!

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