CNAME and Custom Timezone for Public Report

The public report allows you to show the uptime and performance of your websites/servers to your customers. It is customizable in many ways, but we recently added 2 more customization options: CNAME and custom timezone. We also showcase a customer’s public report which is heavily customized.



With CNAME, you can show the public report in your own domain name, instead of . This allows you to fully integrate the public report into your website. All you need to do is to simply create a CNAME record to resolve to and enter the CNAME in your account.

Custom Timezone

One of our customers, a hosting company, has servers (and customers) in the US and UK. A public report was created, to show US servers, in US/Eastern timezone, and another public report for the UK servers, in EU/Western timezone. Custom timezone makes this possible.

Customer Showcase

We are honoured to have Oakhosting.NET as a customer. They need a public report that is fully integrated with their website. We help them achieve this goal with the wide customization options available.

Let’s take a look at their public report – .

You will notice that the public report URL does not start with . That’s because they setup a CNAME record for the public report. By visiting the URL, you can also see that the customer had customized the look and feel to a great extent to make it look like part of their website. Compare the customer’s public report with our default look.

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