Ideas for Promoting Your Website Monitoring Service

Have you missed out on our free-to-join Reseller Program?

If you have joined our reseller program, do you need some ideas on promoting your website monitoring service?

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Start with Your Existing Customers – Send an announcement to your customers that you are offering this new service. Existing customers are very likely to purchase this service from you if they find it useful. Encourage them to sign up for a free account to try your service (perhaps have a lucky draw to encourage participation).
  2. Mention in Your Company Identities – Include monitoring in your business cards, email signature, letterhead, envelops and everywhere your prospects are likely to see.
  3. Website – Introduce this service on your website; include it as part of your products and services. Give links to view demo and sign up for an account.
  4. Press Release – Announce to the world your new service offering. PRs are non-volatile (last for a very long time) and can bring good image to your company. You can find some customers this way if you are lucky.
  5. Forum – Join related forums and mention your monitoring service in your signature. Some forums offer free advertising spaces, so that can help you gain some customers as well.
  6. Software/services Directory – Submit your website monitoring site to be included in various software/services directories such as HotScripts etc. Some listings may be available for free.
  7. Search Engine Advertising – People are actively looking for monitoring services using search engines. Choosing the correct/relevant keywords can make search engine advertising a profitable investment.
  8. Online Advertising – Identify your target customers, and the websites they frequent. Online advertising can come in various forms including banner ads, text links etc.

More ideas can be found via Google.

If you have any interesting ideas, or have any questions, please feel free to discuss.

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