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When you search for free website monitoring service, you may come across companies that offer 50 or even unlimited 5-min tests for free. It might be tempting to sign up with them, but do you really have so many website to monitor? People who sign up often overlook the detail: monitoring interval.

What is Monitoring Interval?

A monitoring service works by checking your website regularly, on a fixed time interval (the monitoring interval). Common monitoring intervals include 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60-min. Between monitoring checks, a monitoring service will not know the status of your website. If you use a long monitoring interval (eg. 60-min), the monitoring service will take a long time to notice a change in your website’s status. It is therefore recommended to use short monitoring interval (eg. 1-min) for critical websites, so that you know within the shortest possible time when an outage occurs. Even for non-critical websites, using 1-min monitoring interval causes no harm.

Get 5 x 1-min Tests for FREE

We design our free plan to benefit the internet community at large. Most people do not have more than 5 websites. What you really need is short monitoring interval (1-min) and reliable outage notifications (which we excel at). Comparing 5-min and 1-min monitoring interval, it is not difficult to see that we check your website 5x more often, and this consumes 5x more system resources. In other words, we care about your website 5x more than our competitors do, even if you only use the free plan.

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