Monitoring Location Group

Currently, the monitoring profile lets you choose which specific location you would like to monitor from. You can choose “Random” or a specific location.

Today, we give you even more flexibility. You can now monitor from:

  • a geographic region (North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific), or
  • a group of locations of your choice (eg. countries where your users are from)

This feature is available to paid accounts only.

Predefined Location Groups

As usual, you access the monitoring profile via Monitoring -> Monitoring Profile. In the location selection, you will see 3 new random locations (Random North America, Random Europe and Random Asia/Pacific).


Custom Location Group

Scroll down that list to select or create a custom location group. Below shows an example to create a group of locations where your company has offices in.


We hope you like this improvement!


  • James Oakley December 24, 2014

    Like the new feature – it’s very helpful.

    Looking at any given test, where these settings are applied: What’s the difference between “Monitoring Location #1” and “Default monitoring location”? I assumed that Location #1 was where the check was run from, but then I saw the setting for a default location, and got confused.

    • uptimedoctor December 24, 2014

      Hi James,

      “Default monitoring location” will only be used if a selected monitoring location is unavailable.

      Let’s consider if you set “Monitoring Location #1” and “Monitoring Location #2”.
      – If “Monitoring Location #1” is unavailable, we will check using “Monitoring Location #2” and “Default monitoring location”.
      – If “Monitoring Location #2” is unavailable, we will check using “Monitoring Location #1” and “Default monitoring location”.
      – If both “Monitoring Location #1” and “Monitoring Location #2” are unavailable, we will check using “Default monitoring location” and “Default monitoring location”.

      It appears that the name “Default monitoring location” is inappropriate. We will rename this to “Backup monitoring location”. It is only used in rare situations, but nonetheless a necessary setting.

      Thank you.

    • uptimedoctor December 24, 2014

      We have renamed “Default monitoring location” to “Backup monitoring location”. Sorry for the confusion.


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