Jadi yang pertama tahu ketika website Anda DOWN.

  • Monitor website anda 24 x 7 x 365.
  • Terima notifikasi down lewat email, SMS dan push notification.
  • Mencatat uptime & kinerja website Anda.
  • Tampilkan laporan uptime pada website anda untuk meningkatkan penjualan.
  • Kami mendeteksi

    Halaman tak bisa ditampilkan.
    Halaman tak ditemukan
    Connection timeout
    DNS unresolved
    Ping packet loss
    Database error, etc

    Kami mendeteksi
    Halaman tak bisa ditampilkan.
  • Notifikasi lewat

    Notifikasi lewat
  • Laporan dengan

    Uptime & performance

    Uptime & performance
  • Kami memonitor melalui

    Kami memonitor melalui
100% GRATIS!


All competing services we tried would consistently produce false alerts. Having used Uptime Doctor for over a year, we confirm we have finally found a solution that meets our needs! Uptime Doctor is affordable, but more importantly, reliable.

- Atif Khan, TrunkSpace Hosting
We are looking for a new translator to maintain the translation of this language. We will give you some free use of our service; you can either use the service yourself or resell to other people. This partnership is ideal if you plan to use or resell our service. Kindly note that we are NOT looking to hire a translator (ie. pay in cash). Please contact us if you are interested.