Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

8. Why do I receive alerts in reverse order (UP alert followed by DOWN alert)?

This problem will occur if your mail server is unreachable when your monitored website/server is down. This means either:

  • your mail server is ON the same server you are monitoring or
  • your mail server is on a different server but a network outage affects connectivity to both machines

In either cases, when your monitored website/server is down, our mail server tries to send you DOWN alert. However, since your mail server is unreachable, the DOWN alert is queued and retried on regular basis.

On the other hand, when your website/server is up again, our mail server will be able to send the UP alert to you immediately (assuming your mail server is also up). However, the DOWN alert will only reach you in the next retry and thus comes out of order.

You can avoid this problem by adding contacts with email addresses that are outside of your server or network, for example:, etc. Alerts to these contacts will certainly be in the correct order.