The following types of partnership are available but we are also open to any other ideas you may have. Please contact us if you are interested in a partnership.

  • Resell Our Website Monitoring Service: Increase revenue by offering website monitoring service to your customers. Check out our private-label reseller program.
  • Promote Our Website Monitoring Service: Build passive recurring income by joining our affiliate program. You will earn high commission for business referred by you, without worrying about running the service or supporting clients.
  • Website Translation: Is our website not available in your native language yet? Help to translate our website, and you will benefit not only in increasing your target market but also receive preferential pricing and treatment from us. This will be a good deal if you intend to resell our service.
  • Server Sponsorship: We are also constantly seeking to expand our monitoring network. Receive free monitoring or advertising by providing us a dedicated server in a new location.