Website Monitoring

24 x 7 x 365 Non-Stop Website Monitoring

Unless you are a robot, it is infeasible for you to keep checking your website to see if it is available. Leave this tedious job to our automated service, and enjoy peace of mind!


We let you monitor HTTP and HTTPS on any port.


We support GET and POST methods. You can specify the exact URL to be monitored, and even include query string in the URL such as . The POST method allows you to test form submissions, which is very useful in testing shopping carts, contact forms, login forms, search functions etc.

Authentication, Cookies, Redirections

We can monitor any page including those that require authentication and cookies. Our system also follows redirections so we will make sure the destination page is reachable

Page Content Check (Keyword Check)

You can specify optional keywords that must (or must not) appear on the page. This is very useful in making sure your page is returning the desired result. Suppose you have a shopping cart that shows computer products from a database, you can request our system to check for keywords such as "laptop", "printer" and "monitor". You will be notified if we can't find these keywords on the page. Likewise, you can specify keywords that must not appear, such as "an error occurred", "database error", "scripting error", "hacked" etc.

Standard Features

  1. Email, SMS and mobile push notification
  2. Uptime & performance report
  3. Show "Live Status Report" on your website
  4. Send reboot request during downtime
  5. Global monitoring locations
  6. False alarm elimination
  7. No software to install
  8. View features details